Dead Souls Social Club

The Dead Souls Social Club is a podcast that tackles the dark, gruesome, mysterious, strange and truly horrific — Host Jamie Black and his ‘Social club’ of friends, cover dark subjects spanning the JFK assassination, Waco, the Manson family, Roswell to imminent disclosure, the cases of Ed & Lorraine Warren, and everything in between. Whether you want to hear about serial killers, conspiracies, cults or just outright crazy history, the Dead Souls Social Club will bring you the facts, try to hash out the truth, pour over some chills and maybe even give you some sleepless nights….


Stand firm, and hold fast…as you head into the darkest night


Have you ever felt the official story doesn’t hold true? Have you ever wanted to know the gory details that the media won’t tell you? Have you ever felt intrigued by something strange, chilling or bizarre that your conscience tells you to leave well alone, but you can’t help but dig deeper? Well that’s where I was twenty years ago, and I wanted to know more, and more, and more. So I started digging, and reading, and researching, and have now amassed quite the dark library of the macabre. Through the Dead Souls Social Club, I want to share what I’ve found, and discuss each subject with friends and you guys.

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